Community Control/Probation Violations


After a defendant is found guilty of a criminal offense, the court imposes a sentence. A common element of a sentence is community control sanctions; commonly referred to as probation. On occasion, a defendant will allegedly violate one or more of the conditions of community control. When this happens, the probation officer notifies the court of the alleged violation, and the court schedules a hearing. An attorney should be consulted if the defendant is facing incarceration if found in violation of the community controlled sanctions.


Without representation, a court may base its judgment solely upon the complaint of a probation officer. Without an attorney at the defendant's side, a judge may not be aware that the claim is false or that there are extenuating circumstances that should be considered. On the other hand, if the complaint is accurate, the court should be made aware of alternatives to incarceration.


With thorough preparation, I will construct a powerful defense argument to present to the court, which may include providing the court with verification of employment, proof of treatment for addiction, highlighting reliance by family members for support from my client, and my client's willingness and efforts to lead a productive life.


If you are facing a probation violation charge, it is imperative that you contact an attorney. Please call 216.225.9181, Email, or use the contact form to schedule an initial consultation.