OVI/DUI/DWI Probation Options for Judges


Almost all individuals charged with OVI/DUI will receive "Community Control" commonly referred to as "Probation". Community Control is the branch of the Court that monitors a defendant's whereabouts, activities, and their arrest record for new charges. Each defendant is assigned a Probation Officer. Community Control is for a definite period of time during which a defendant must abide by certain restrictions imposed by the Court. Community Control for a first offender OVI/DUI defendant can be up to 2 years, and as many as 5 years for repeat offenders. If the defendant fails to meet all the terms and conditions of community control and/or is charged with a new traffic offense or crime, the Probation Officer will file a "Statement of Violations" with the Court requesting that the defendant be re-sentenced on the original case.


The Court may impose a number of terms and conditions for OVI/DUI/DWI Community Control, including but not limited to:

  • No new OVI/DUI/DWI or serious traffic arrests;

  • Alcohol Assessment and/or Follow Up Alcohol Counseling;

  • Random Urine Screening;

  • Restricting the operation of a vehicle to certain days and times;

  • No future "Refusals" of blood, breath, or urine tests if arrested for DUI;

  • Pay fines and court costs on time;

  • Attend and complete a 3-day Driver's Intervention Program;

  • Attend MADD's Victim Impact Panel;

  • No failure to meet with probation officer;

  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock as a condition of driving privileges;

  • Continuous Alcohol Monitor (ankle bracelet);

  • Travel restrictions;

  • House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring (not available in all Ohio counties);

  • Work-Release (not available in all Ohio counties);

  • Community Service (20 to 100 hours is the average range).

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